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Hi Folks!

Quite a long time since my last article on this “Fresh & New & Trendy” Blog… Sorry about that guys, but you all know how it is: when you’re looking for something really nice, you take your time…

I want to begin this article with a: “I understood you Guys…”

That was Christmas, that was the time to find something for you, or for your wife/girl, and you MADE IT, you went shopping… But didn’t find anything for hours… That was my situation actually: i was looking for a Dress, for THE Miss, but didn’t found anything, she was so disappointed….

But here is the news guys! Next time: don’t loose your time in doing shopping in town!

Go directly discover “HAST”, you will loose less time, and will be on time to meet your bros @TheBar…

#HAST On @TheTrendyKiosk Model1

HAST is a French brand dedicated to you guys! The goal is to find your ideal Shirt! Well designed, looking really nice, not that expensive (nearly 50€), this is finally your “KISS” solution: Keep It Simple & Stupid…

#HAST On @TheTrendyKiosk Model2

#HAST On @TheTrendyKiosk Model3

Find out more on Hast:

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

On the website:

We wish them all the Best…



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